About Us

We Regret To Announce

After 13 years, Back Lot Video will be closing for good next month. Starting Thursday, May 5th we will begin selling off our movie collection, and won’t be renting movies any longer.

Everything will be sold: New Releases, Classics, Kids Movies, Games.

Drop in and take this last chance to add a favorite to your collection!!!

Closing the doors on our business isn’t something we decided lightly, but unfortunately as the video industry moves toward a digital model, there’s simply no place left for a physical rentals. Once Netflix caught on, our revenue from rentals collapsed, within a span of months, and we’ve been struggling ever since. Unfortunately, that’s the way the market works, and if customers express a preference for this model, then we have no choice but to move on.

We enjoyed serving many wonderful movie fans over the years, and cannot begin to thank you for giving us the opportunity to realize our dream of owning a video store. Some of you were among the first people through our doors in 2003, and were renting movies right up until our last week in business. We feel privileged to have known you.

Please spread the word that we are closing our doors. We have a lot of stock to sell, and the more people who know, the better.

Thanks again.

Chris Graham

Lorie Buchanan


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