Let Him Be


“Let Him Be” presents an interesting premise:  What if John Lennon had survived his assassination and was living on a dairy farm in northern Ontario.  As strange as it might sound, the story has a hook.  The results are a bit mixed, however.

The film begins with a pair of amateur filmmakers (who are also romantically involved) tracking down the man one of them suspects is John Lennon.  A grainy image of the man is lifted from an old Super 8 cassette that was found randomly at a yard sale.  With only this, and a rough idea of the location, the two begin asking around if anyone had seen this mystery man.

Some parts of the film, especially the performances by the two filmmakers, leave something to be desired.  The acting from them tends to be a bit over-the-top generally.  Most of their scenes, like the film overall, are shot on hidden cameras, which only seems to emphasize their lack of acting skills.

On the upside, the rest of the cast, though unknown, is quite good.  Special kudos to Mark Staycer, who plays Noel Snow (aka John Lennon).  The scenes of him bantering with his friend and housemate Stanley are incredible, and conversations are written to give just enough hint that he COULD be John Lennon, but never confirm it in any way.  And the scenes of him jamming with his band of locals drip with authenticity.  Watching this movie, I found it easy to imagine that I was watching a long-lost version of the music icon.

While not without its flaws, “Let Him Be” is worth watching simply for the way this premise is conveyed.


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