The Resident

The Resident is one of those movies built on the old archetype of putting a vulnerable, unsuspecting woman into a situation where she becomes victimized by a mentally or emotionally unstable villain.  And while this film starts out well, steadily building tension in the first half, the second half sputters and becomes a mish-mash of cliches and a fairly standard cat-and-mouse chase scene.

Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who reminds me of a more mature, less hyper-kinetic Robert Downey Jr.) play the two leads.  Both are good actors, and do the best they can with the script they’ve been handed.  One of the problems with the movie is that so little information is given to provide insight into Morgan’s character.  His grandfather, played by legendary horror film actor Christopher Lee, offers hints into Morgan’s unstable family line, but much of this goes unexplained.  By the end, Lee’s character seems more incidental, perhaps added to the cast just to give the film more credibility.

Maybe I’m being too much of a nit-pick.  In fairness, the movie isn’t trying to be anything more than what it is.  Fans of the suspense-thriller genre will probably watch it and be entertained.  For those who are not, I doubt there is much here to win you over.


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