The Dilemma

Despite having a cover that suggest another cookie-cutter goofy buddy comedy, this movie is actually quite dark in tone at times.  Vince Vaughn and Kevin James play friends who are partners in an electric engine design company, and in the process of working on an important project, when Vaughn discovers that his friend’s wife is having an affair.  Vaughn’s “dilemma” is in trying to find an opportune time to tell his buddy.

Although there are some great scenes of absurdist comedy, much of it orchestrated by Vaughn, there are equally as many scenes that venture into serious issues revolving around distrust, addiction, and friendship-loyalty.  Some viewers may find that this makes the movie feel uneven, perhaps not sure of what the target audience should be.  I actually thought the darker tone of some scenes gave the film a bit of weight when surrounded by so many formulaic titles in that genre, although the flaws can be problematic.

I thought it felt about 20 minutes too long, and that some of the gags seemed to be much more drawn out than they needed to be.  The greatest strength of the movie was Vaughn’s character, whereas James seemed more like a prop at times.  It’s not a perfect movie, but I think it will find a niche of fans who see it as a refreshing take on the genre.

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