Green Hornet

In “The Green Hornet”, Seth Rogan attempts to bring his trademark frat boy humor to this lowbrow satire of the superhero genre.  Left at the helm of his father’s newspaper empire, as well as his collection of cool cars and immense wealth, Rogan’s character decides he will alleviate his boredom by going out into the real world and posing as the Green Hornet, a mysterious criminal bent on taking over the city’s crime syndicate.  He then uses his father’s newspaper to build a following of Hornet’s escapades…blah, blah, blah…this was the point where I lost interest.

I think that people who can appreciate, or perhaps tolerate, Rogan’s antics for a couple of hours will enjoy this film.  I sort of got tired of listening to him ramble, sometimes incoherently, in endless circles.  The movie is an odd mix of action and comedy built on gags that hinge on watching a lazy schmuck try to be a hero/anti-hero with the help of his gadget genius, Kato.  The uneven results leave us with comedy that isn’t quite funny enough, and action that seems uninspired.  While I did laugh at some of the funny bits, they were too infrequent to make this a success.  While it isn’t a complete failure, I doubt anyone will remember it in a few years.


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