Playstation Network Hacked

It’s funny how we never think twice about putting our credit card numbers and personal information out in cyberspace any more.  Online purchases are so routine that people extend trust to most of these sites, assuming they will protect our info.  Recent news that Sony’s Playstation network had been hacked, with tens of millions of accounts being compromised, some including credit card info, sent shock waves through the entertainment industry.  With both Playstation and Xbox systems being used as a gateway to VOD services, it isn’t just gamers at risk of being made fearful of using these systems; lots of families and Netflix fans may also be feeling wary of keeping this kind of information on file with companies like these.

The fact that Sony was called before a congressional committee in Washington illustrates just how wide-reaching and serious this breach was.  Their response to some pointed questions was about as thorough as you’d expect from a company which was just brought to its knees by a cyber-attack.

Most credit card companies protect and cover customers against fraud or stolen accounts, but I’d be more worried about the fear of identity theft.  This sort of thing can cause a nightmare of red tape for people trying to sort it out.  Stay tuned…this should get interesting.


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