Timeline For PSN Security Breach

IGN calls it “the biggest cyber attack in history”.  Not gaming history.  History.  Them’s mighty big words.  Considering the scope of the attack launched against Sony’s network, and the potential chaos it caused, and may yet cause, perhaps it’s warranted.  The ripple effect could be enormous.  Or it could be…a ripple.  Society tends to have a short memory these days.  Politicians and stars break laws or disgrace themselves, but the world eventually forgives, maybe even forgets.

Maybe the only people who will care about this in a month are the ones who had their credit cards compromised.  I don’t play online much on the PS network; Xbox is my console of choice.  I’ve heard some people say that this is why they choose Microsoft’s system, because we pay for access to a closed online network that protects us from crap like this.  Sounds logical to someone with my limited knowledge of how the cyberworld works.  Could be hamsters running on wheels fastened to gears held in place with elastics for all I know.  I do know that at the end of the day, I’m not sure I trust any of these companies to fully protect me.  I take my own precautions.

To quote Tom Sizemore’s character Max Peltier in “Strange Days”:  The issue isn’t whether you’re paranoid.  It’s whether you’re paranoid enough.


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