I Am You (Movie Review)

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This little-known Australian flick actually played under the original title “In Her Skin”, but for some reason was changed to “I Am You” for its North American DVD release.  Considering the combined talents of Guy Pearce (Memento) and Miranda Otto (LOTR trilogy), this must have been a fairly high profile production in Australia.  Based on a true story, it chronicles the mental and emotional meltdown suffered by Caroline Reid, played by Ruth Bradley, who eventually kidnaps and murders a girl that she once babysat.

Bradley’s acting performance is what drives this movie.  She portrays a girl who is so disturbed that watching her come apart on screen is painful at times.  There is one scene where she tries desperately to get her father’s attention, to express all of the rage and self-loathing within herself, and the imagery of that scene is something I still can’t get out of my head.

This film fits nicely into the “Indie” category.  The shots are constructed with little flash, and are built more for character exposition than pushing a central plot.  The story itself makes little effort to conceal how the fates of certain characters will play out.  What’s important is that we see the way Caroline spirals into a path of self-destruction and tragedy.  Some viewers may find the pace a bit too slow.  And to be honest, as much as I liked her performance, I did find there were a few times when the director could have reined in the histrionics just a tad.  But aside from that, the movie was an entertaining watch.


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