The Hit List (Movie Review)

There are a couple of incontrovertible rules regarding movies.  First, any script that uses the line “Cease fire!”, then punctuates it with “goddammit”, must have a high suck factor.  Second, nobody is allowed to speak the word “Whoa” in a movie, unless it is Keanu Reeves.  He gets a pass because hearing him say it just never gets old.  Unfortunately, the movie “The Hit List” not only breaks both these rules, it does so in the same scene.

The trailer for this film had great potential.  A man at the end of his rope strikes up a drunken conversation with a guy in a bar who happens to be a professional hitman, and unwittingly gives him a list of five people he’d like to have whacked.  He doesn’t realize the hitman is actually off his nut, and starts killing these people for real (starting with the guy’s boss).  Most of the best scenes, however, were in the trailer.  The rest of the movie was poo.

Cuba Gooding Jr. was once the toast of Hollywood after winning a Best Actor award for Jerry Maguire.  But he squandered any potential career boost from this by choosing some of the worst projects in movie history as follow-up roles (should have promptly fired his agent after starring in “Boat Trip”).  Since then, he’s been mired in Direct-to-Video hell.  His costar in this latest flop is Cole Hauser, a solid character actor that most viewers will recognize from any number of films.  And while they both turn it pretty decent work here, the script and supporting cast is pretty abysmal.  Most of the actors seemed like soap opera cast-offs, and seeing half of them get popped in a shootout was the best part of the movie.

In fairness, there is an audience for DTV genre titles, and I suspect they will probably enjoy this movie.  The violence is gratuitous, and the story actually has good pace.  As long as you don’t mind the wooden acting and clichés, it should be an entertaining watch.


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