PSN Shutdown May Delay “Dark Souls” Videogame

It turns out the Sony’s network lockdown isn’t just annoying online gamers; it’s actually having an impact on game development.   The Escapist is reporting the developer From Software has been hinting that Dark Souls could suffer delays if PSN stays down much longer.  Dark Souls is a “spiritual successor” to the cult PS3 exclusive, Demons Souls, and has been in development over the last year with a target release date in October.  Much like the original game, Dark Souls will have a core online component which fuses single player, co-op, and versus play into one unique experience, and requires access to a network environment for development.

If you’ve never played Dark Souls, you’re missing out on quite an experience.  The game is one of the most punishing RPG’s for the current gen systems.  I put in my time with the game last year, and despite the difficulty level, it was one of the most rewarding and atmospheric games I’ve ever played.  Progressing in the game requires a commitment to trial and error gameplay, and an understanding that you will die, often in fact, if you do not play with caution.  If you choose not to adjust your strategy and learn from your mistakes, the dying will continue, and eventually you will give up.  Demon’s Souls makes many horror survival games feel like Viva Pinata.

For a detailed description of just how punishing Demons Souls can be, check out this post from reddit gaming.


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