All Good Things

I have to say, for a movie that didn’t have a wide theatrical run, and received very little hype, this was a surprisingly good flick.  Based on (or “inspired” by) the story of David Marks, the son of a wealthy corporate mogul, who was suspected killing his young wife in the early 1980’s (she was officially listed as missing).  In the movie, Marks is portrayed as emotionally damaged by the experience of seeing his mother commit suicide as a child.  He tries to make a normal life with his wife, but his father keeps him on a short leash, and before long he’s back in the fold and showing signs of psychotic behavior.

Ryan Gosling has become one of the most dependable actors in Hollywood, and always seems to put a unique spin on his character.  He does a great job conveying the way Marks was on a kind of slow boil all the time, like an emotional time bomb.  I also really liked Frank Langella as Marks’ father, Sanford.  Overall, it’s just a great story of how someone can become twisted and broken inside by a life they don’t really want to live.  Should be a great sleeper hit.


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