Dead Space 2 – Hardcore Mode Is NOT For The Faint of Heart…

Like many videogames, Dead Space 2 features an unlockable, hyper-difficult “Hard Core” setting which unlocks after completing the game once.  To succeed on Hard Core, you have to dig deep for long-lost skills you left behind in the SNES era.

If you play DS2 and unlock the hardcore mode, you are only allowed to save 3 times. In the entire game. Period. Three slots, and they can only be used once each.  Oh yeah, and as if that kick in the cojones wasn’t enough, checkpoints are disabled as well.  That’s right kids, you have to be able to make it through multiple chapters at once without dying or turning off your console.

I’ve played some hardcore games before, including Demons Souls, and Dead Rising’s “Infinite Mode”, and this ranks right up there with the best of them.  If anyone has managed to pull this off, I invite you to take a bow.

On a skeptical note, if you look at the grand scheme of how EA Games presents this kind of challenge, once again, you can see the old cash flow bottom line.  Attempting this without any DLC would be tantamount to suicide for all but the most seasoned, patient gamer.  HOWEVER, should you opt to purchase some of the DLC content for real money, then you’ll receive certain weapons and armor which will make this a bit easier.  I don’t know whether to praise the company for its marketing genius, or hate them for corrupting the purity of gaming.


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