Brotherhood – Movie Review

Brotherhood is a direct-to-video thriller that has a great premise:  frat house pledges have to rob a convenience store to prove how badly they want in, and when one of them gets shot in the process, the movie becomes a pressure cooker of young men panicking and going to extremes to cover their tracks.  The cast is made up of mostly young actors, only a few of whom are recognizable.  Trevor Morgan and Lou Taylor Pucci are solid actors, and both give great performances that compensate for some of the histrionics delivered by a few of the other cast members.

The tension builds throughout the movie as things go from bad to worse.  Essentially, the theme of the film is, how far will members of a brotherhood go in order to protect themselves, and each other, even in the face of a crime they have committed.  It isn’t exactly groundbreaking work, and viewers have to suspend disbelief a bit in order to accept some of the bizarre coincidences that create a kind of thriller-of-errors.  But aside from that, the movie should be a hit with the target demographic.


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