June 7th New Releases

TRUE GRIT:  An interesting remake of the old John Wayne film, one that is closer to the original book and has a very tightly written script.  Lyrical use of language from all the characters, very much the way the HBO series Deadwood is written.  The Coen brothers always seem to straddle that line between art house films and mainstream fare, and this one is no different.  Some viewers may find it a bit “talky” for their tastes.

SANCTUM:  Produced by James Cameron, this one has a lot in common with many of his movies, especially The Abyss.  That being said, despite it being a pretty good survival story, I thought it could have used a giant sea monster or two.

JUST GO WITH IT:  Personally, I think Adam Sandler writes some of the best rom-coms going.  I really liked this movie.  It was funny, and he had great chemistry with Jennifer Aniston.  Great supporting cast as well to round out the laughs.  Sure, Sandler still tends to like l0ts of fart humor in his movies, but isn’t that why we like him?  I think this is his best flick since The Wedding Singer.

ANOTHER YEAR:  Great new movie from British director Mike Leigh.  A meditation on love and aging with a fantastic cast.  Perfect for fans of film society.


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