The Future Of Home Entertainment Is Here

Want to take a glimpse of what the home entertainment landscape will look like in the future?  Not the far future either.  I’m talking about next year.  When Microsoft introduced the Kinect for its Xbox 360 console, critics scoffed that it would probably turn out to be just another novelty fad.  Guess again.  This technology is reshaping the way we interact with electronics.  And while it may be mostly gamers who are using it right now, it’s only a matter of time before similar peripherals start getting connected to televisions and Blu Ray players.

This video is a demonstration of how the Kinect will allow users to interact with the game “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier”.  It’s strikingly similar to the way Tom Cruise interacted with his gadgets in “Minority Report”.  Even if you don’t play games, watch this video and imagine the potential uses in your entertainment room.  Considering the fact that apps like Facebook, Twitter, and MSN already exist on the Xbox, people adding Kinect to the mix are going to find themselves in a whole new experience.

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