June 14th New Releases

BATTLE: LOS ANGELES – Just imagine if “Independence Day” and “Black Hawk Down” got together and made a baby.  You’d get Battle: Los Angeles.  Pretty entertaining overall.  Patriotism abounds and stuff ‘splodes.

HALL PASS:  Funny stuff for those who are fans of potty humor.  Two middle-age shlubs are given a week off from their marriage, in which they plan to act like frat boys.  Turns out, it isn’t easy as it sounds.  Scatalogical jokes are at a premium, but it has some funny bits.

RED RIDING HOOD:  Basically, this is just “Twilight” in sheep’s clothing (pun intended).  Fans of emo love triangles and goth angst should love it.  Everyone else, not so much.  I will say, it has extremely stylish set design, and it’s an interesting concept.  Just not my kind of flick.


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