23,000 People Sued Over Illegal Downloads

Imagine paying $150,000 for a movie…  That’s the reality for 23,000 people who were named in a recent BitTorrent download case involving the film “The Expendables”.  Nu Image studios, an L.A. based production company, filed the suit in February, and on May 4th, the IP addresses of 23,322 defendants were submitted to a federal judge in the United States.  Nu Image is seeking damages from all the people who are accused of illegally downloading the film.

In the U.S. damages of up to $150,000 can be awarded in cases such as this.  Although the smart money is on the studio going for a smaller sum, just enough to make a point that if you choose to take films from the internet without paying for them in some way, it may cost you eventually.  Cases like these show that, in the U.S. at least, the government takes illegal downloading seriously, due to the impact it has on the economy.


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