August 9th New Releases

For my money this week, “Paul” is a slam-dunk comedy.  Simple concept, two nerdy, sci-fi, Comic-Con junkies from England (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of “Shaun of the Dead”) come across a slacker alien in the desert, who is voiced by Seth Rogan.  If that alone hasn’t convinced you to check this movie out, then nothing will.  You could play drinking games with all the sci-fi movie references in this flick, especially Star Wars.  Personally, I thought it was hilarious.  Great cameo by Sigourney Weaver.

“Your Highness” was also pretty funny, but more along the lines of a spoof like “Scary Movie”.  There are many scatalogical jokes involving masturbating and minataur penises.  What more do you need to know?  Surprisingly high production values and special effects for a sub-genre comedy, and a solid cast.  I wouldn’t have gone to see it in the theatre, but it’s a decent rental if you like this kind of potty humor.


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