Priest – Review

I admit, I wasn’t expecting much.  Another movie in which Paul Bettany plays a slayer of supernatural creatures.  Another special effects extravaganza that is completely devoid of style or soul.  But a funny thing happened about 5 minutes it…the movie hooked me.

It’s a gonzo mish-mash of styles based on an anime graphic novel, set in a kind of alternate future where an eternal war between mankind and vampires has resulted in the Earth being a scorched ruin dotted by “Cathedral Cities”.  These walled metropolises are govered by the Church.  Vampires have been imprisoned in “reservations”, and the once powerful Priests, sort of Jedi Knights of this alternate reality, have been discarded by society.  Until a new hybrid human-vampire threatens to reawaken this age old war.

Ya, I know, it sounds hokey, but I had a blast watching this movie.  The effects are good, and there’s plenty of action.  The visual style is dark, like the Underworld movies, but contrasted by daylight scenes where the world comes alive with searing tones.  While the flick cribs from some past movies like Blade, The Road Warrior, and Underworld, it still manages to do it’s own thing well enough to win over some fans.  It’s a big, dumb popcorn movie, and hey, that’s cool with me.

DVD Release Date:  August 16th, 2011


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