April 17th New Releases

M:I Ghost Protocol is the fourth film in the franchise, and by that point, most franchises have become a near-parody of themselves.  Not this time.  I would go as far as saying this is the BEST movie of the series, mostly because of a fantastic support cast.  Recruiting both Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner to suit up with an aging Tom Cruise was a genius move, and it pays off.  This was a great movie.

Shame, on the other hand, has mixed results.  It’s a well-shot piece of work, with a deep sense of place, but the story itself has a few frayed edges.  It got a lot of press mostly because of Michael Fassbender’s full frontal scenes, but these are actually pretty tame compared to European standards.  Another case of the North American press getting itself in a tizzy after seeing a penis.  I think there’s actually a lot going on in the subtext of this movie, and I found that conversations about it with customers actually revealed much more than I realized was there.  It’s very much for the art-house crowd, and even though I think reactions will be mixed, it’s worth a watch.


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