May 8th New Releases

The Vow looked like one of those movies guys go to grudgingly on Valentine’s Day, pretending to like in hopes of getting a kiss at the end of the date.  And yes, there are plenty of romance cliches to be found.  However, I actually found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would.  I credit Channing Tatum for this.  He’s one of the better male leads of his generation, and the charm and self-deprecating humor he brings to the screen (along with hunky good looks, my wife informs me) always elevate his films above the bar.

Underworld Awakening is one of the weaker entries in this franchise.  Kate Beckinsale is the only returning cast member from previous films (even Scott Speedman is AWOL).  There’s really no way to review movies like this.  They’re like comic book movies: fans will lap them up (even as they pick them apart), and most everyone else will be modestly entertained for a few hours, then promptly forget the movie ever existed.  Lots of scenes of Kate fighting in spandex suits, a surprising amount of violence and gore, and CG effects that do nothing but remind you of how silly the whole premise is.

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