June 19th New Releases

Sorry these weren’t posted last week…big move has us in a mess.

Wanderlust – funny movie.  Kind of a goofy premise, but somehow it works.  Paul Rudd is hiliarious.  Watch for the scene where he’s looking in the mirror, working him self up to some dirty sex talk.  Great stuff.

Big Miracle was pretty much what you’d expect from the trailers.  Feel good family movie with an environmental message.  As usual, Hollywood kind of lays on the syrup a bit too heavy, but kudos for the effort.  It’s still a good pick for the whole clan.

Project X had some pretty shocking footage of teens in party mode.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was almost too gratuitous.  Overkill at times.  I can really do without seeing people pee on a guy’s head while he’s vomiting.  Fans of Jackass will love it, as will a lot of people in the under-25 demographic.

Jeff Who Lives at Home was a great indie sleeper.  Same kind of dry humor you’d find in The Office, but with a bit darker edge.  This was an awesome sleeper pick.  Came out of nowhere, but has some fantastic comedy.  One of the few American made comedies that actually gets the definition of wit.  My pick of the week.


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