June 26th New Releases

Hard to review a movie like the Artist.  It’s a modern silent film…..there, if you’re still reading, you’ll probably enjoy it, simply because you’re interested in stylistically inventive films.  I will say that it captures the era in fantastic ways, and that, as a metaphor, the story makes a powerful commentary on changes in the way we take in modern entertainment.  It’s hard not to see the protagonist as a man who “rages against the dying of the light” , so to speak, and the parallels with our own society, in which media has become a flavor of the month, are tangible.

Wrath of the Titans.  I know, it bastardizes Greek Mythology to no end.  It’s a vehicle for showing off special effects like 3-D.  I should hate it.  But I don’t.  In fact, I quite enjoyed this tasty little bit of popcorn fantasy.  It’s loud, gaudy, and topped with cheeze.  I savored every bite.

Gone was a disappointment.  The first 3/4 of the movie was pretty engaging, but then it kind of lost steam, and fizzled out a bit at the end.  Genre fans should enjoy it, but I can see why it didn’t take off with a wide audience.

A Thousand Words is pretty standard Eddie Murphy.  A lot of dialogue that seems to be speeded up, and his trademark Cheshire grin flashing at a thousand watts.  Fans will enjoy it, and older kids too.  I’m starting to wish he would swear more.  I miss the Delirious-era Eddie.


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