July 3rd New Releases

Seeking Justice was an above-average thriller about a man who gets roped into joining a vigilante group after the rape of his wife.  The plot actually turned out to be quite a bit more complex than expected, and the movie delivers some decent tension.

Jesus Henry Christ was a neat little indie flick that blends some coming-of-age themes with the “who’s my biological dad” trope, and sprinkles in a bit of magic realism.  The result is a refreshing and heartwarming story about a boy genius who just wants a normal family.  The story actually might appeal to younger viewers, but parents should be aware of the “spicy” language at times.

God Bless America was my favorite movie this week.  It’s a scathing parody of just about everything that is wrong with modern Western culture, especially what it calls “entertainment”.  The movie bounces back and forth between scenes that are played for self-referential absurdity, and straight faced attacks on the dumbing down of just about everyone in society.  The monologues by lead actor Joel Murray are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time.  It may not be for everyone’s taste, but those who like it are going to like it a lot.  Great flick.


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