July 17 New Releases

My sleeper pick this week would have to be “Lockout”.  From the cover it looked like a throwaway action flick, but it turned out to be a gem.  Produced and conceived by Luc Besson, it had just enough of an offbeat tone to make it feel fresh.  Combining some rapid fire humor by Guy Pearce and some quirky characters, this one is well-worth a watch.

Friends With Kids was another one that really caught me by surprise.  I was expecting another cookie cutter rom-com, but this had a decently written script and was very watchable.  Although there was some comedy in the film, much of it took on a pretty serious tone when progressing the story.

Three Stooges…what can you say.  Much of whether you like this or not depends on your tolerance for slapstick humor.  The Farrelly brothers capture the spirit of the Stooges perfectly.  They stay true to form, giving the trio a stage to play their antics against a fairly light-hearted story.  The good news is, much of this stuff appeals to kids, and they made sure to retain a family friendly rating.  Good pick if you need something for the whole family.


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