Newest Releases

People Like Us really surprised me.  Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks give fantastic performance in dramatic roles.  Both have great comic timing as well, which really balances their character.  Well written film.

Take This Waltz was a very well crafted indie flick.  Stepping outside formulaic structure gives it a lot of street cred, but mainstream audiences will find it a bit too sterile for thier tastes.

Avengers was pretty much symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with Hollywood these days.  Bloated, bombastic story with zero originality, and cardboard characters, all framed by a huge effects budget.  Popcorn flick that’s mildly entertaining for a couple of hours, but ultimately forgettable.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, on the other hand, shows what you can do when you put well-written characters in the hands of gifted actors.  The film may not have much appeal for anyone under the age of 40, but for everyone else, this will be a slam-dunk winner.

Cabin In The Woods shattered all expectations and turned out to be a pretty funny movie that had an almost post-modern tone to it.  Joss Whedon succeeds in pulling off everything Wes Craven attempted in the Scream movies.  Again, it’s kind of offbeat, and may turn off meat ‘n potatoes horror fans who just want to see things slashed.  I enjoyed it though.


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