October 9th New Releases

In a nutshell, Prometheus was an entertaining movie with a few plot holes and scenes that test one’s suspension of disbelief.  The biggest achilles heel with this movie is the legacy it has to live up to.  Arguably the benchmark of horror/sci-fi, Alien and Aliens set a high standard, and even with the (Alien) master at the helm, it’s a tall order.  I can’t imagine any fans outwardly hating it, but questions will gnaw at you afterward that may taint the whole experience.

The Raven exceeded my expectation (which, I’ll admit, were a tad low).  I guess I figured we were going to get another abomination like Sherlock Holmes.  The Raven retains a lot of the grim elements that are present in Poe’s writing, and the main plot conceit, while not entirely original, is at least well executed.  Cusack in the title role, though, sometimes feels like the weak link.  His performance gets a bit over-the-top in places, but when he tones it down some he fits well.  Genre fans should enjoy this one.

Rock of Ages….what can you say?  A heavy metal musical.  This thing had FAIL written all over it, and yet, somehow, it gets this odd recipe right.  I wasn’t sure what to make of seeing hair metal and power ballads performed in stage musical style, but the writers and cast played this one right.  It’s a kind of parody and homage all rolled into one.  I can’t imagine it being a mainstream hit with everyone, but it should bring together a few segments of the niche audience quite nicely.


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