October 23rd New Releases

 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is inspired by the same trend that gave rise to books like Pride & Prejudice with Zombies.  Purists will no doubt look upon projects like this with scorn, but hey, let’s be honest…if you even took the time to watch this, you probably knew what you were getting into, and probably liked it a little bit.  I thought it was a good romp, a sort of Underworld vibe woven into a very graphic novel design.  Nothing that would really compel me to have a second viewing, but it works for what it is.

Magic Mike was a surprisingly good flick.  As soon as I noticed Steven Soderbergh’s name in the Director credits, I knew where all the hate came from.  People probably bought tickets to this thinking it was going to be a spirited, sexytime, banana-hammock-fest, but it was actually a pretty gritty story about the darker side of living life where all you do is drink, party, pop pills and take your clothes off for women.  If I could compare it to anything, it would be Anderson’s “Boogie Nights”, with less gratuitous nudity.  Basically, if you think you’d hate this movie, you should probably rent it.  If you think you’ll love it, then stay away.  Marketing guys have duped everyone on this flick.

Seeking A Friend… was also pretty decent.  It’s an offbeat Dramedy that is a kind of road movie.  Despite the comic stylings the cover seems to convey, it’s actually a bit sad.  The comic bits are for relief (you really have to see Rob Cordry getting a six year old to drink a martini, while yelling at her “fight through the burn”!), but the main story is more concerned with people dealing with their regrets just as life is about to end.  Personally, I liked it, but everyone’s experience with this one will be different, depending on their expectations.


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