Back Lot Video – Job Application Questions

Please print this form and return it, along with your resume, to our store any time between 1:00 pm and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.  Or, you may copy and paste it into an e-mail with the subject heading:  Back Lot Video Employment Opportunity.  The e-mail address is:

Name: ____________________________________

Telephone #: _______________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________

What days / times are you available for work?

How many shifts can you work each week?  Please give as much detail as possible, as we need to know if any of your activities might prevent you from being available to work.

Are you available to work in the spring/summer?

Are you a student at Mt. A?  If so, what year are you in:  _______________________


1.  Describe any previous experience you may have in the movie/entertainment industry, and/or the retail industry in general.

2.  What qualities do you think would make you an asset us here at Back Lot Video?

3.  Our store carries a wide variety of films, not just mainstream new releases.  Have you viewed any independent films, classics (pre-1980), or foreign films?  If so, please tell us about some of your favorites, and why you think they are great films.

4.  Because our customers have extremely varied taste in movies, employees often have to recommend movies they do not like.  For example, it may be an action movie that you feel is too formulaic.  However, a customer may ask about that film, and based on their rental history, you know they enjoy that particular type of movie.  With this in mind, choose any film that you personally did not like, and tell me what you might say if a customer held the case up and said “What’s this movie like”?

5.  Please describe for me a conflict that you have had to resolve in a previous job, and what steps you took toward resolving it.

 IMPORTANT:  Be sure to include up-to-date contact phone numbers and/or e-mail for your references. They will be contacted.


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