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Our big move is coming soon!

Our video store only has 5 more days left in the old location.  After this coming long weekend, July 3rd, Back Lot Video will be down at 28 York street.  Hard to say goodbye to such a familiar spot, but we’ve started to get some shelving up in the new spot, and it looks great.  Love this new spot.  Can’t wait to get settled again.

The media says video stores are dying.  My customers say otherwise.  Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement, and letting us know you still want us to keep on truckin’.  This town has a fantastic collection of movie fans and you’ve been supporting us even as the big box giants fell in droves.

We’ve got a new catalogue system that’s much more streamlined, and it’s been working even better than I had hoped.  Despite a smaller location, we may actually be able to offer even more selections.  As the summer rolls along, look for us to be offering more copies of new releases, a wider selection of indie and foreign films, and maybe even a few surprises!

Hopefully I can get some pics up at some point, for those of you who aren’t in Sackville.



We’re Moving To A New Location!

After 9 years in our current location, Back Lot Video will be moving and setting up shop at a fantastic downtown location.  As of July 1st (approximately), we’ll be open at 28 York Street, right next door to the Rags of Time book store.  Lorie and I are excited to make this move, as it puts us in a more central location that will be able to serve the town and university campus better.  We will be doing a lot of the prep work for this move ahead of time, so that we won’t need to be closed for more than a few days in July.

As always, we’ll continue to offer our diverse selection of titles.  In fact, we’re in the process of completing a massive inventory at our store, selling off many titles that no longer rent well for us.  This will enable us to put together a budget to expand our offerings over the summer and fall.  Look for many new and interesting movies, TV series’, and games coming soon.

Despite all the talk in the media about the “death of the video store”, we have been greatly encouraged by the support and encouragement of our local and campus clientele.  You have expressed to us many times how much you appreciate us being able to serve this great little community.   Words can’t begin to convey how much that means to us.  This move to the downtown puts us in a better position to continue operating for years to come.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress we are making getting thousands of movies ready to move!